Letters from the Vieux Carre

Completely devastated after losing the love of her life, Anna Bailey wanders the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Following a mysterious encounter, Anna is sent falling back in time to the nineteenth century and into the arms of a man who bears a striking resemblance to her deceased fiancée.

Feeling alone and confused over her uncontrollable attraction to Gabriel, Anna begins writing letters to her mother, letters scheduled to be delivered over one hundred and fifty years later!

Contains situtations that may not be suitable for younger audiences.



The Forgotten Life of Emilie

History buff Emma Payton is used to the nostalgia she feels when she visits historic sites. But when she visits La Belle Vie, an old Louisiana plantation, she feels more than a mere wistfulness. Soon the memories begin to flood her. Unable to stop them, Emma is flung back into the arms of her dark lover, and into the forgotten life of Emilie Villeneuve.

Emilie is a guest at La Belle Vie, where the master of the plantation has made her feel like family. Unfortunately for her, his son has not. He’s made it clear he wants her out. But the scorching kisses he gives her leave her confused, angry and desperate for more.

Andre Chevalier wants nothing more than to have the little minx removed from his home, but his body can’t seem to agree with him. Will he be able to get her out of his house before she sets up residence in his heart as well?



Souly Yours

After selling the house her mother leaves her, Selena Dean has enough money to finally move to New Orleans, the city that has been calling to her ever since her very first visit. Little does she know that it is a move that will forever change her life.

After only a week she begins to have vividly erotic dreams of a man she cannot see, but desperately wants. Little does she know that her midnight lover is a lot more than a mere figment of her imagination.

Eric Mercier walks the earth as an apparition, unwilling to move on to the beyond because of the guilt he carries inside. When Selena rents the apartment he resides in, his attraction to her overrides all else and he gives in to the temptation to touch her. The way she responds to his caresses sends his soul to heights further than Heaven ever could.

Light, easy read. Approx. 22,000 words.

Souly Bound

Rosalie Clarke’s world is turned upside down after a pocket watch mysteriously appears in her bag. But it's not your average watch. This watch has a resident. With a chance at redemption, Rosie is set upon setting her ghost free and moving him on to the afterlife. But he has something else in mind.
Alexandré Boisclair is cursed. He has been bound to a pocket watch for almost two hundred years and has no idea by whom or how to break the curse. But none of that matters to him. He has been reunited with the love of his life once again. She doesn’t believe she is who he says she is, and it is up to Alex to convince her that she is his soul mate and once lover, the beautiful quadroon Marie Jolivet.
Will Alex hear the three words he’s longed for from her lips before the curse that has bound him to the watch consumes his soul?


Souly Mine

Being housebound wasn’t so bad, according to Zoey York. She’d always tried to make the best of what she had, to make a life for herself, even if she herself wasn’t well… alive. 
That is until Adam buys the house she haunts, and without seeing, sees her. Working as his housekeeper, she soon realizes he can affect in ways she never thought possible. During the day he frustrates her, angers her and makes her want to throttle him. But at night… Allowing him to believe she is nothing more than a dream she goes to him, his touch igniting a blazing fire within her body and soul. 
Adam Cooper might be blind, but he can certainly sense Zoey. She is maddeningly frustrating, and meddlesome, and she smells of fresh peaches and he is drawn to her in a way he’d sworn never to be again. Though he refuses to allow her into his heart, he anxiously waits for her every night in his dreams where he can love her the way he desperately wishes while awake.

Mine Again

Given a second chance to be with her soul mate and husband after a fatal accident, Lisa comes back in the body of the woman who helped ship her off to the beyond, Margot Hyll. But there’s a catch: she doesn’t remember who she is. Even so she feels an unbelievable attraction to the man who had once been her husband.

Ryan Parker lost the love of his life in a bicycle accident a year ago. Suddenly Margot Hyll comes into the picture, breathing life back into his soul. He is torn between giving in to the unexplainable attraction he feels for Margot, or to hold tight to Lisa’s memory.


Tequila, Wolves, and Stubborn Women

Lili hadn't been to her family's Mexican hacienda in years, and she's reminded of why she'd stayed away the moment she sees Sebastian Villalobos once again. It seems that he's everywhere she goes, glaring at her with those beautiful amber eyes. Two could play at that game! Regardless of her body's demands, he'd broken her heart and she disliked him as much as he did her. Now if she could only stop kissing him every time she has a little tequila!

Sebastian has just met the woman of his dreams! That luscious body, soft skin and those eyes! Dark eyes that bewitch and enthrall him. But she turns out to be the very person, who as a child, gave him a scar that ran the length of his cheek. Confused by his own emotions, anger, resentment, and lust, he does his best to push her away. Will he be strong enough to resist what his body and soul demand he take? Or will he give in to the temptation his stubborn little witch presents?

House of Flowers - A Woman of Sin 005.jp

House of Flowers



Coming Fall 2018...

"If no good woman should revel in a life of sin and deprivation, then I must be positively wicked." - Lucie Merlo

Storyville, New Orleans 1898

Lucie arrives in search of her mother, only to discover an underworld of carnal decadence. 

Now during the height of the most famous of red light districts, she must learn not only to survive the perils of life as a prostitute, but thrive.