​​So, here is a little about myself.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but I moved to North Carolina when I was sixteen, so in truth I feel like I am more of a Carolinian. My family is originally from different parts of Mexico, and though I have only a few relatives left there, I have many great memories from my visits and hope to take my husband there someday.

Which brings me to my next point. I have been deliriously, unbelievably happily, married for eighteen years. We  have created one beautiful little girl, which we adore.

I have many favorite authors, but if I had to name a few, I would say Karen Marie Moning has been one of my top picks. Katie MacAllister and Jill Myles write books that make you laugh out loud, which is always good for the soul. Erin McCarthy’s books have a way of making me sigh, especially her Seven Deadly Sins series, which I hope she continues. Larissa Ione, Pamela Clare, Rachelle Mead… I can go on forever.

I have always enjoyed books, but it wasn’t until I was going through a particularly rough time that I began to write. I realized that it was an outlet for me, and I really enjoyed the process. My husband has been incredibly supportive, has designed my covers and sat and listened to my stories and given me his “guy’s perspective.”

Many of my books are based in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and they will probably continue to be. Why? It’s simply my favorite place in the world. Every time I visit I am inspired by something.

I write because I love it. Every single one of my characters is a part of me. If one of them is happy, I am happy, if they hurt, I hurt. I believe that comes across in my stories and my hope is that my readers feel the same, and ultimately feel that they’ve been taken on a journey that will always end with a happily ever after.

This author also writes erotic romance under the pen name, Aidèe Jaimes. You may find her under www.aideejaimes.com.